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Hi, my name is Jens Papenroth.
I play music, create photos, and write books.

Solo Bass Music

My music is composed around the electric bass as a solo instrument. There are no releases available yet but you can listen to some tracks on YouTube and Soundcloud.



Let's call it a creative side quest besides music. I don't use expensive gear but a lot of experimentation.

Groove Breathing

Groove Breathing book cover

Use your breathing to play musical instruments in a more relaxed way

Many musicians often breathe very tensely and physically tense up while playing their instrument in a concentrated way. This phenomenon occurs especially during difficult passages or in cases of stage fright.

Groove Breathing is a breathing technique that brings the body into harmony with the music and makes it an anchor for solid timing. Playing an instrument is thus audibly and tangibly accompanied by an inner calm. The method is primarily aimed at musicians with instruments where the breath is not used to produce sound, for example guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards.



If you're interested in organizing gigs, Groove Breathing talks, or just want to say hi – feel free to get in touch :)